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The NPYLN Clubs locally connect youth aged 16-29 involved in non-profit work. Each group is intended to operate in their own communities to plan local events and connect youth with local opportunities.

Clubs create their own programming at the local level! Whether your group is interested in professional development, community events, local volunteerism, social justice, or more, there is something for everyone.

Club Programming Examples:

  • Advocate for more youth representation within your school

  • Host events for students to learn why volunteering is important or how they can work in the non-profit sector

  • Social justice initiatives such as bottle drives, recycling programs, tree planting, anti-racism campaigns, etc.

  • Creating community connections through local networking events or open forums with community leaders

Want to join a club at your school or start your own?

Current NPYLN Club Affiliations:

  • Bill Crothers Secondary School (Ontario)

  • University of Regina (Saskatchewan)

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