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The Non-Profit Youth Leadership Network recognizes that the work that we do cannot be effectively done without partners. We are super excited to connect with organizations across Canada that have similar values and who are looking to advocate for youth within the non-profit sector. Offering a variety of different options for organizations to take advantage of, our partnership plan is flexible to each individual’s needs and we would be more than happy to collaborate, so reach out!

Youth Consultation

As a partner, you have access to free Canada-wide youth consultation and  free access to NPYLN workshops presented to or with your organization. 


As a partner, you have access to

Mutual promotion of initiatives on all of our social media platforms, posting of your opportunities and current events on our job/volunteer board as well as through our “Current Opportunities” email list and an opportunity to co-develop branded resources to be provided to youth and/or non-profit professionals;​


Partners are drawn on for speaker and workshop facilitation opportunities to provide a larger reach to the partner and an invitation to attend national Partnership networking meetings to share, collaborate, and listen to other organizations across Canada.

Current Partnerships

Current Partners

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